The us Navy will acquire average surface robocable

The U.S. Navy concluded with the American company L3 Technologies a contract to develop and manufacture a prototype of a promising medium surface robocable (MUSV, Medium Unmanned Surface Vessel). As writes Breaking Defense, to develop a robot army intends to spend $ 34.9 million dollars. If testing of the prototype rebooter will be successful. The U.S. Navy will order the production of eight MUSV.

At the beginning of last year the chief of Department N96 control of naval operations United States Navy rear Admiral Ronald Boxall announcedthat the U.S. Navy going to significantly increase the number of surface robots in the fleet. It is expected that the U.S. Navy will be able to provide persistent presence in the oceans, reduce fleet costs and increase its combat capabilities.

The program, developed by the U.S. military, involves the development of four classes of robocable for the Navy:

  • robocable a large surface that can carry heavy reconnaissance systems and weapons;
  • medium ship-robot intelligence systems and equipment of electronic warfare;
  • a small ship with systems for laying mines and relay equipment;
  • miniature surface robot to be used for reconnaissance and surveillance, and expansion of coverage of communication systems.

The contract signed with L3 Technologies and imply development of the middle robocars, allow the creation of a unit length from 14 to 58 meters. Displacement devices should be about 500 short tons (about 454 metric tons). The main equipment for MUSV must become the intelligence systems and devices of electronic warfare. Other details about the development were not disclosed.

In total, the U.S. Navy intend to take the fleet at least 40 robocable MUSV.

Earlier it became knownthat the US Navy plans for the 2020 fiscal year (started October 1, 2019) to order the development and construction of two large surface robocable (LUSV, Large Unmanned Surface Vehicle). The basis of the new project is planned to put the preliminary achievements obtained by the military in the framework of another project Overlord (Overlord), first introduced in 2017.

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