The vibrating platform was allowed to put drones blindly

-Japanese team of engineers have developed a device for planting of several units on hands, even with your eyes closed or while wearing a VR-helmet. It is worn on a hand and consists of areas with light sensors and fibroatheroma. During the landing, the device receives the light from the LEDs in Dhron and “transforms” it into vibrations in a corresponding part of the hand. This allows the operator to move the hand and adjust their position so that the drone sat in the center of the site, say the authors of the article (in published publicly available Preprint), presented at IEEE Haptics Symposium 2020.

The standard way to control a drone implies that the operator moves the drone by using the sticks on the remote, and gets feedback either visually (if a drone is nearby and in sight), or from the screen. But it’s not a very intuitive way which often causes difficulties in the management and orientation for beginners. The reason for this is that due to differences in the types of movements of the drone and their inertia, and other factors, a person have to “convert” his usual movement on two legs at commands to the drone.

As a solution to this problem, researchers of robotics propose to create controllers with the more familiar principle of operation. For example, recently the Swiss engineers have created a glove that allows drone to repeat the movements hands in the air, and at the approach of the UAV to the obstacles it creates increasing vibration with the appropriate parties.

and Japanese engineers under the leadership of Dmitry Teterukov (Dzmitry Tsetserukou) of the SKOLKOVO Institute of science and technology used dependent on the distance the vibration feedback for a different purpose — the planting of several drones on hand. Developers focused on small drones, which are often used in research on the development of swarming drones. Since the mass of their payload is minimal, drones are only equipped with led panel, and all active electronics are located in worn on hands devices.

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