The Wi-Fi Alliance officially launched the certification of the sixth generation Wi-Fi standard

Involved in implementation of technologies
wireless data transmission Wi-Fi and company Wi-Fi Alliance announced the official
the start of certification of new version of the standard, called Wi-Fi 6. Technically it’s called
IEEE 802.11 ax and will replace today’s Wi-Fi 5, which is better known as IEEE 802.11 ac. Engineers promise
throughput, energy efficiency and high performance in
the case of a large number of connected devices, for example, stadiums,
stations or large offices, said on the organization’s website.

Wi-Fi is a wireless technology
data transfer with the creation of local network based on communication standards
series IEEE 802.11. Wi-Fi uses electromagnetic
wave ISM radio band, the most commonly used frequency bands 2.4 and 5 gigahertz, divided into
a few channels.

The development of a standard
hardware Institute of electrical and electronics engineers (IEEE),
however, he does not conduct testing of finished devices for compliance with the Protocol.
This feature lies on the non-profit Wi-Fi Alliance, which
includes representatives of about 400 companies from different countries.

At the moment Wi-Fi is a very
popular format of interaction devices. In particular, the ability
to connect to the Wi-Fi has the most laptops,
smartphones, tablet computers, smart TVs, printers,
digital cameras, as well as a lot of cars, personal computers, and
unmanned aerial vehicles and many other devices.

Traditionally, different versions
certificate Wi-Fi was of a technical name, relevant
the IEEE standards such as 802.11 ac and 802.11 n. But last year, Wi-Fi
Alliance decided to change the nomenclature more understandable to users. The result
current at the time version of 802.11 ac has been called Wi-Fi 5. Older also received new names in hindsight: in particular, 802.11 n was the Wi-Fi 4.

Now the Wi-Fi Alliance has launched the official procedure
certification Wi-Fi standard 6 (802.11 ax).
The new version will be backward compatible with previous versions and support
the theoretical limit of data transmission speed of up to 9.6 gigabits per second against
3,5 the wifi 5. However, the actual increase of speed from end-user needs
to be of the order of 30-40 percent. Also, the engineers have significantly improved characteristics
work in crowded places due to the implementation of simultaneous transmission of data
a lot of devices. In addition, Wi-Fi, 6 is also embedded a new versionof the Protocol
security WPA3, which will replace WPA2 used since 2004.

It is worth noting that the procedure
certification is a formality, as the specifications of the new standard was
published long ago, and selling have a lot of devices that support Wi-Fi 6, they just do not
got official confirmation about this from the Wi-Fi Alliance. In particular,
marketed a new line of iPhone-equipped to work with Wi-Fi 6, though Apple has not certified their devices for many years. Last
step in the formation of official status as the new version should be
ratification of the standard by the Institute of electrical and electronics engineers, which should
to occur later this fall.

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