Therapy evil

First steps

When, in August 1996, the doctors from the clinic in new Jersey, entered the sperm of Mr. Ott in 14 oocytes Mrs. Ott, no one knew which of them will turn into little Emma and what the outcome of this story is for patients with mitochondrial diseases. Then a couple of Otta was ready for any risks after 6.5 years of trying to conceive, and Dr. Jacques Cohen hoped for the success of his new technique. The gist of it was simple: in the process of artificial fertilization in the egg of the mother, the doctors brought not only the sperm cell of the father, but the tenth part of the cytoplasm from a young egg-donor woman.

Of the 14 eggs fertilized so six began to develop normally, four have placed in the mother’s body, one caught on, grew in Emma Ott was born at term without complications. Cohen colleagues reported in the Lancet that they successfully managed to restore fertility 39-year-old female, previous germ which has developed wrong. The new York newspaper vengeance touting their successes. Dozens of infertile couples seen at the clinic for help and over the next four years was born the 16 evidence that the technique works.

And then came the thunder.

Cohen and colleagues continued to improve their technique and monitor the results. In 2000, they foundthat in different embryonic tissues and cells of infants who were born in the result of transplantation of cytoplasm, the traces of the donor genes.

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