Thermoelectric panel turned into a wearable thermal camouflage

American and Singaporean engineers have proposed to use a thermoelectric panel to create wearable active thermal camouflage, adapts its temperature below the temperature of surrounding objects. In order that the user does not experience discomfort from wearing such a device due to temperature changes, the engineers had built in the prototype, the layer of material with phase transition near body temperature, allowing it to absorb or give off heat. Article published in the journal Advanced Functional Materials.

Masking in the visible range man enough to even partially close themselves the subject with color and texture similar to the background. However, because he, like other objects that emit thermal infrared radiation, when observed with a thermal camera of a camouflage is not enough. Already exist as a passive thermal camouflage, static overlapping thermal radiation, and active, changing this radiation is required to level match the background or its distribution resembled any object. However, while the active camo only applies on some large military vehicles and not available to wear.

Engineers under the leadership of Genecure Chen (Renkun Chen) University of California, San Diego have created a prototype of a portable panel is actively and rapidly variable surface temperature, which in this case does not cause discomfort for the skin wearing it person. The main part responsible for the change of temperature was developed previously by the same group of scientists and in their last article was used to create a wearable thermostat to cool the body in hot weather. It is a thermoelectric layer, which due to the Peltier effect creates a temperature difference between its two sides under the action of electric current.

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