This is the norm: about the instrumental use of feces

In this case, I’m a doctor too
cow, chicken and pork
manure, he said. — When you
doctors finally figure out what
you need, you’ll find me
barnyard, where I will stir up
shovel my thesis.

Kurt Vonnegut “player piano”
— lane M. Bruhnova

With penguin we’ll start: apparently, they are masters at applying their own and others feces. In principle, this is not surprising: usually in places where they are found, nothing really more than not.

Building material

A modern building, which from a great height looks good, but up close can drive you crazy Varlamov, referred to as birdshit — what is the “bird droppings”. Advanced urbanists would rather die than dwell in surrounded by such architecture, but the birds did not mind the life surrounded by the excrement of other dogs.

For example, the Humboldt penguin (Spheniscus humboldti) prefer to nest in burrows, which they dig in the centuries-old deposits of guano on the Pacific coast of Peru and Chile. Unfortunately, people also love guano. Droppings of seabirds contains a lot of nitrogen and phosphorus, making it a valuable fertilizer. Mass extraction of guano in the nineteenth century deprived the Humboldt penguin of many traditional breeding sites and was one of the reasons for the decline in numbers of this species.

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