Three car flew over Central Europe three hours

In the night of 1 2 April over Central Europe during the three hours flew three fireballs, two of them for one hour. About it reports international meteor organization (International Meteor Organization, IMO).

According to various estimates, the Earth’s atmosphere per day falls from 5 to 300 tonnes of cosmic dust. Burning in the upper layers of the particles, leaving a glowing trail is called a meteor. Very bright meteors or bolides, occur when the atmosphere gets a body meter size, and brightness of the flash in this case, it exceeds the brightness of Venus. Typically, these meteors is a single phenomenon.

Now IMO informed immediately of three such events over a short period of time. Two fireball — meteor brighter than Venus — caught in the camera lens of the CAMS project of NASA, which is in the Belgian town of Grapentin. They were also recorded by the network cameras FRIPON, which brings together more than 100 cameras full sky and radio receivers in France, Belgium and Spain. The first meteor flew in 22:57 GMT, it was watched by four station of the network, the second — at 23:33, he was captured on three cameras. Processed data of these stations, FRIPON calculated trajectories of both meteoroids. They look like almost parallel lines.

Station reception BRAMS also recorded both of the meteor. First left is short, but rich echo caught him only stations in Limburg and East Belgium. In the center of the country, it was barely noticeable, and in the West are indistinguishable at all. The second meteor generated a much stronger signal, which fixed almost all the stations in the network except those that were in the West of Belgium.

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