To catch up and warn

Every time mankind is faced with a new infection at the same time start the three races: for the cure, the test system and a vaccine. We already wrote about how doctors are looking for effective medication, going through all of the known antiviral drugs. And told how to operate the test system, and that hinders to check with their help, the entire population of the planet. Now is the time to talk about vaccines. The previous week in our country began testing anticholinesterases vaccine on animals, and in US — on the people. Does this mean that the victory over the epidemic close?

According to who, about 40 laboratories in the world have declared that are developing vaccines against coronavirus. And despite the fact that there are clear leaders — for example, the Chinese company CanSino Biologics that have received permission to test on humans, and American Moderna, which they have already started — now it is difficult to predict which company will win this race, and most importantly — will overtake the development of vaccines, the spread of coronavirus. The success of this race depends not at least from the choice of weapons, that is, from the principle on which it is built vaccine.

A dead virus is a bad virus

School textbooks usually write that for vaccinations use dead or weakened pathogen. But this information is somewhat outdated. “Inactivated (“killed” — N+1) and an attenuated (weakened — N+1) vaccines were invented and introduced in the middle of the last century, and can hardly be considered modern, explains in conversation with N+1 Olga Karpova, head of Department of Virology of biological faculty of Lomonosov Moscow state University. — It’s expensive. It is difficult in the transport and storage of many vaccines reach the places where they are needed (if we’re talking, for example, about Africa) in a state where they no longer protect”.

In addition, it is unsafe. In order to obtain a high dose of “killed” virus, you first need to acquire large quantities of living, and it increases the requirements to the equipment of the laboratory. Then he needs to disarm — for this purpose, for example, ultraviolet light or formalin. But where is the guarantee that among the many “dead” viral particles will not stay as something capable of causing disease?

With a weakened pathogen is still difficult. Now, in order to weaken the virus is forced to mutate, and then select the least aggressive strains. But it turns out the virus with new properties, and not all of them can be predicted in advance. Again, where is the guarantee that, once inside the body, the virus will continue to mutate and will not produce “seed”, even more “wicked” than the original?

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