To chew and not to worry

If you tried to breed hamsters, you can watch as a young mother eating her brood. Once it occurs regularly, it means something profitable. But what? To begin to understand what cannibalism is and how it happens.

Cannibalism is

In a broad sense, cannibalism is one of the forms of intraspecific competition, practiced by more than a thousand species of animals. The term, however, originally applied only to people, eating other people, and comes from the name, which the inhabitants of the Bahamas were called the inhabitants of Haiti before Columbus — “caniba”. According to another version, “caniba” is a tribal CARIBE (the Caribbean) from the lesser Antilles, about which there were respective legends, however, is not confirmed.

People turn to cannibalism in order to survive — examples of this are well known. In addition, there is reasonable cultural and cannibalism, when the act is endowed with a certain sense: roughly speaking, “eat the enemy to gain his power.” There is also cannibalism caused by mental disorders, but that’s another story.

But all of the varieties of cannibalism: it and sexual cannibalism, and cannibalism for the sake of survival, and fetal (or embryonic), and the size and FILIAL cannibalism. A well-known example of sexual cannibalism are spiders and praying mantises, when the female eats the male after mating, sometimes even during. Males of some spiders, in turn, trying to divert the attention of your partner with the gift and run away, making his case.

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