Tooth and pendants from Bulgarian caves issued the most ancient European people

Anthropologists have described the new finds of bones and tools of Homo sapiens from the Bulgarian Bacho Kiro cave. The age of people estimated more than 45 thousand years, making them the oldest sapiens discovered in Europe. Finds articles in Nature (1) and Nature Ecology & Evolution (2). The results of the study also give evidence that our species migrated to Europe in several waves.

It is assumed that a reasonable man reached Europe about 45 thousand years ago when the transition from the middle to the upper Paleolithic. At that time in Europe, lived the Neanderthals and sapiens, apparently, gradually supplanted them. How and when it happened is not known: securely dated finds of that time are very few. For example, the remains found in 1971-1975 in the cave of Bacho Kiro in Bulgaria, could help to clarify the appearance of people in Europe, but they were lost.

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