Training aircraft Red Hawk experienced inverted flight

American aircraft building concern Boeing has tested a promising training aircraft T-7A Red Hawk inverted flight. As writes Air Force Magazine, during the tests, the pilots repeatedly turned over the plane, each time inverted flight was longer. Held check was deemed successful.

T-7A is being developed as a military training aircraft and it presented a few special requirements, including stable flight with negative overloads. Inverted flight was used to test how reliably the fuel and oil systems, Red Hawk, does it pass the airframe and how the airplane is controlled.

According to the statement of Boeing, the flight test program T-7A completed by 80 percent. The group is also involved in developing trainer Red Hawk, which is scheduled to pass the US air force in 2023. This simulator will be used for the preparation of the first trainers who then will train cadets to fly to a new training plane.

T-7A is being developed by Boeing in cooperation with the Swedish company Saab. It uses the achievements obtained by companies for projects of F/A-18E/F Super Hornet and JAS-39 Gripen. Red Hawk made its first flight in 2016. The new aircraft the military intends to replace the obsolete T-38 Talon in use today for training pilots. Make training new generation aircraft into service is scheduled in 2024.

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