Two in the room

Hello, I am a female Culex pipiens

The uninvited guest — strictly speaking, a guest is likely to have been a female mosquito-Piskun Culex pipiens. From afar she could smell your scent and without looking back flew at him. A few weeks ago, when she had just hatched from the pupa, your night-guest, fed exclusively on plant juices (the same diet throughout their lives adhere males). The blood she needed to gain resources and to procreate.

If successful, the female mosquito will lay eggs in standing water, or damp soil on the Bank. The clutch is from 30 to 300 eggs. After a couple of days of them would hatch into aquatic larvae, which will filter the water, taking from it the nutritious particles. After 20 days of this life, the larva turns into a pupa, from which after a week will flutter already an adult insect.

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