Two “Proton” collected defective bolts. One of them must run “ExoMars”

Roskosmos has postponed the first in 2020 the launch of a heavy rocket-carrier “proton-M” from March to the end of may. About it as reports RIA Novosti, said Director General State space scientific production center Khrunichev Alex Morocco. According to him, while checking the quality of Assembly was found defective structural elements on the two launch vehicles “proton-M”. The second carrier in July 2020 should provide the first launch within the framework ofn-European scientific mission “Eczemas-2020”.

In the framework of the planned March launch of “proton-M” was put into geostationary orbit two telecommunications satellite “Express-80” and “Express-103”. As write “sheets”, during the inspection of rockets collected in 2015-2016, was discovered defective bolts used in the internal fasteners “Proton-M”. These bolts were percaline in manufacturing and have low strength.

Experts decided to replace all the defective bolts are new. This will be done at the cosmodrome “Baikonur” without the transport of rockets to the manufacturer. According to preliminary estimates, the replacement of all bolts will take about 45 days. As expected, the launch of the carrier rocket within the framework of the academic mission “Eczemas-2020” will be produced on schedule. According to the source, “Vedomosti” close to “Hrunicheva”, to discover the defective bolts failed due to a strict quality control program, introduced the “Roscosmos” in 2019. For this programme up to 2022 will be spent 450 million.

Earlier it became knownthat the Rover “Rosalind Franklin,” which will be launched in July “Proton-M” has successfully completed final thermal vacuum testing. During these tests simulated conditions of the Martian environment. The unit will operate at atmospheric pressure less than one hundredth of the earth and an ambient temperature of -120 degrees Celsius. During operation the temperature inside the Rover will be -50 degrees Celsius.

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