U.S. Marines will abandon tanks and military police

The command of the US Marine corps prepared a plan of restructuring of the armed forces by the year 2030 for the reduction in the number of staff almost complete abandonment of heavy equipment and the organization of the light of highly mobile units. On this edition of USNI News said the representative of the United States Marine corps major Joshua Benson. According to him, a complete restructuring plan will be submitted to the commandant of the marine Corps General David Bergeron in the near future.

The reorganization of the U.S. Marine corps will be conducted to enhance the combat capabilities of the armed forces and to optimize it for combat with the large States in the coastal waters. First and foremost, the U.S. military is considering as a potential enemy China. Among the planned measures — the total elimination of tank battalions and the abolition of the relevant military-registration specialties, disbanding units metolazone machinery and battalions of law enforcement.

Abolished instead of tank battalions will be organized by a small artillery unit, armed with long-range guns. The number of infantry battalions will be reduced from 24 to 21, artillery — from 21 to 5, the mouth with amphibious vehicles from 6 to 4. In addition, reductions to be squadron convertiplanes, attack and transport helicopters. Squadron of F-35B/C Lightning II will be reduced from 16 to 10 aircraft each.

The number of employees of the US Marine corps in 2030 will be reduced by 12 thousand people, or 7 percent of the total number of troops. Resulting from the reorganization of the funds the command of the marine Corps, the U.S. plans to invest in new weapons and military equipment, including long-range precision artillery, reconnaissance systems, unmanned aerial vehicles and fault-tolerant data network.

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