Ultrasonic stimulation of the brain of monkeys influenced the choice

After a short ultrasonic stimulation of the frontal eye fields of the monkey chose the visual objects that appeared in the contralateral half of the visual field, whereas without stimulation the choice determined the order of appearance of stimuli. When stimulation of the motor cortex, the effect was not evident. The authors of the work published in the journal Science Advances, I believe that ultrasonic stimulation may in future become part of the treatment of addictions and other mental disorders.

In addition to the widely known transcranial magnetic stimulation noninvasively influence brain activity trying using ultrasound. This approach allows to influence the brain with higher spatial resolution, however, some researchers doubt its effectiveness. During ultrasound stimulation of the motor cortex animals anesthetized their limbs were clearly moving, but this result failed to achieve in experiments with large animals or people.

To ultrasonic stimulation was practically useful, it should cause distinct changes in behavior, for example, to influence the decision-making process and choice. In this case, medicine would have received non-invasive and drug-free way to change the behavior of patients, for example, with the dependencies.

To study the effect of various parameters on visual selection using the following test (it is used to assess cognitive impairment with brain damage): on the monitor before you volunteer there are two (left and right), one for a split second before the other, the task is to fix the gaze on one of them. Normal people and other animals choose the object that appears early. In disorders of the frontal oculomotor field patients ignore contralateral (opposite) visual field and look at an object that is from the damaged area. The same effect happens when the local introduction of the neural inhibitor muscimol, but the opposite — when artificial stimulation of the frontal oculomotor field.

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