Unbidden protection

Pandemic coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 forced us to learn a lot not only about Virology and epidemiology, but also on the immune system. The presumption that immunity protects the body against external threats proved to be right not always. Many victims COVID-19 not ruining coronavirus as it is death brings their own white blood cells of the patient, which destroy lung tissue, firing the infected cells, and bred such inflammatory panic (the so-called “cytokine storm”) which the body can not cope.

Now I have to question another thesis from a school textbook: the vaccination protects against the pathogen from which it is made.

The vaccine, apparently, there are many side effects — both positive and adverse — and some of them we can turn to his advantage in the fight against coronavirus.

Kill another

When the body is put to the stranger, the immune system needs time to locate him, to report him to higher authorities (lymph nodes, bone marrow and spleen) and to adjust the troops. Much more convenient it would be if the army was already in combat readiness. And the need for this vaccine.

Vaccination is a disease in miniature. We infect your body with the pathogen, but he is so weak and passive that war immunity ends with him winning the first battle, the winners do not bear the losses and then switch to patrol the territory.

But what happens if opponents will be not one, but two — that is, if shortly after the introduction of the vaccine, the body will get another one, another pathogen?

The fact that at the beginning of hostilities in the attack are soldiers of innate immunity that are not fantasy. The tactics of the battle is not depends on who they got in the opponents. For example, the antiviral response begins with the type 1 interferons are proteins that trigger the cell mode of “emergency”. In this mode, the cell slows down its synthesis of DNA, RNA and proteins, in the event of her capture the virus could not multiply. And if so, then it does not matterwho is attacking the body and how many of them — emergency smothers any enterprise.

Therefore, we can assume that if your body is hit by a coronavirus, and you just declared a state of emergency in the event of war with the vaccine, if not stop, at least slow down the invasion of new invaders. Based on this, the American virologist Konstantin Chumakov, who is engaged in the evaluation of the effectiveness and safety of vaccines to the FDA (the American Ministry of health), offered to fight the coronavirus with the long-studied attenuated polio vaccine. He inherits his parents —n virologists Marina Voroshilova and Michael Chumakov — who were involved in the introduction of the live polio vaccine in the USSR in 50-ies of XX century.

Mass vaccination has not only allowed for half a century to get from the two types of polioviruses of the three, but also led to unexpected consequences, directly with non-polio. For example, in 2000-ies in African Guinea-Bissau vaccination has reduced the mortality of children by 19 percent — in the years when polio in the country no one was sick. Chinese scholars noted that children vaccinated against polio, were more likely to have an infectious inflammation of the mouth and on the limbs. And in our country, according to Chumakov, Jr., the campaign of vaccination against polio back in the 1970-ies reduced the death rate from seasonal flu four times. And as soon as the vaccine was a great help in the fight against other viruses, why not use these weapons again?

The polio vaccine has obvious advantages: it is well-known, well-studied and is inexpensive. However, there are some subtleties.

The fact that polio vaccines for two. The first mentioned live attenuated — her kids dropped in the mouth or fed on the sugars. And the second is inactivated, it is injected into a muscle injection.

Inactivated appeared before: it is safer, but less effective. Parents Konstantin Chumakov fought for the introduction of a live vaccine, which gives stronger immune response, and since then all over the world use it. But gradually, as getting rid of poliovirus, countries began to switch back to inactivated vaccine, in order not to put at risk people with weakened immune systems.

If you now start again EN masse to use a live vaccine, there is a chance that people at risk may suffer. Therefore, even for long-familiar vaccines require thorough testing (they are going to, for example, in our country). And if this method of shaking up the immune system and become someone else’s salvation, only for those who have not yet sick and those who need extra protection in the first place, doctors.

Immunity beguiled

But if the idea of a polio vaccine still seems intuitive — after all, the cure for one virus may be helpful from others — while others seem much more strange.

For example, many were inspired when the new York scientists estimate that in countries with mass vaccination against tuberculosis deaths from coronavirus lowerthan in those where the vaccination program was shut down. If these results are confirmed, it would mean that some countries where TB is defeated and the vaccination is required (e.g.,) could relieved exhale: if not TB, so at least coronavirus will be held on a tangent.

But tuberculosis is caused by bacteria — and COVID-19 are caused by viruses.

The article quickly criticized: correlation called irrelevant, and the technique is questionable (among other things, the authors compared the country depending on the average income of the population, which does not always match the quality of the medicine). But after the tel Aviv doctors compared the death rate from coronavirus among Israelis unvaccinated and vaccinated migrants and put an end to this story — the mortality in these groups did not differ. Exhale will not work.

However, the idea is to compare the mortality rate depending on the vaccination history was not born on a level place. Like the polio vaccine, which is credited with the ability to prevent other viral infections, the vaccine against tuberculosis is also the fact of the matter is there are amazing properties.

Tuberculosis vaccine is a weakened strain of bovine tubercle Bacillus, Mycobacterium bovis (also called Bacillus Calmette-guérin, named for their inventors, hence, the reduction of BCG, Bacille Calmette-Guerin). It is akin to the human tubercle Bacillus — M. tuberculosis.

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