UPS will acquire drones-convertorplane

American drone operator UPS Flight Forward, a division of courier company UPS, has signed with the German company Wingcopter agreement that involves developing a family of UAVs that could be used for delivery of cargo over distances exceeding the range of traditional multi-rotors. According to post – UPS, new devices will be created according to the scheme of the convertiplane.

Called a tiltrotor aircraft, made by the scheme of the aircraft, but having rotating propellers. These screws when installing parallel to the ground allow the tiltrotor to perform vertical takeoff and landing in helicopter, and in the air at a deviation angle up to 90 degrees — go to the quick and economical from the point of view of energy consumption to horizontal flight on an aircraft.

New drones for UPS Flight Forward will be developed on the basis of a project already created Wingcopter. This electric unmanned tiltrotor able to operate at speeds up to 240 kilometers per hour on distance to 120 kilometers. The device is able to fly with wind speeds up to 20 meters per second.

In addition to the development of a family of drones-the convertiplane of the company will also provide certification of devices in accordance with the requirements of the Federal aviation administration. The timing of the operation of the new drone were not disclosed.

In October last year, the Federal aviation administration of the USA has completed the certification of UPS Flight Forward in accordance with the requirements of part 135 aviation regulations. After the certification the company has received the official status of the unmanned carrier, which permitted flights throughout the United States.

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