US Navy begins testing of hypersonic weapons for submarines in 2020

Specialists of the U.S. Navy, together with representatives of companies-developers until the end of 2020 will hold a series of static tests of separate elements of the future of hypersonic weapons multipurpose nuclear submarines. About it as writes Breaking Defense, said the head of projects of development of strategic systems, U.S. Navy Vice Admiral johnny Wolfe. According to him, the military expect that the development of new weapons will be completed in mid 2020-ies.

Test d under the program of hypersonic weapons will be held in the framework of the project of the US Navy to equip new missiles multipurpose nuclear submarines of “Virginia”. About this project, the U.S. Navy announced in mid-February of the current year. The project involves the development of the carrier rocket that could be launched from a submarine and carry a hypersonic glider C-HGB. The latest development is conducted jointly with the U.S. Army.

According to Wolfe, until the end of 2020 it is planned to conduct a series of static fire tests of engines for the advanced booster. Besides, there will be and testing multiple technologies that will allow the integration of new hypersonic weapons in the nomenclature of arms of submarines of the “Virginia”. In General, all work on the project, according to the current schedule should be fully completed until 2028, when a new weapon is planned to adopt.

Earlier it was reported that following the development program of the U.S. Navy expects to get two-stage booster diameter of 87.6 cm. She will carry a hypersonic glider C-HGB, developed by the American company Dynetics Technical Solutions. It is assumed that the booster will raise the airframe and up to hypersonic speed. Then the device will undock from carrier and plan to the goal.

New rocket gliders will be included in the nomenclature of arms of submarines of the “Virginia” fifth series (Block V). The design of these ships in comparison with submarines of previous series, will change. In particular, the submarine will receive the compartment of the payload VPM (Virginia Payload Module). This is an additional compartment 28 with vertical launchers for cruise missiles BGM-109 Tomahawk. Thanks to the installation of such a compartment submarines of the “Virginia” will be able to carry 40 cruise missiles.

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