Vegetable frame cheaper meat from the tube

The cell culture was grown meat is a simple and cheap way. To do this, as a frame for the fabric used soy T. S. p and the normal muscle fibers is diluted by the smooth muscles. According to the volunteers, who tasted the meat, it really is almost indistinguishable in taste, smell and texture from the natural. Article published in the journal Nature Food.

Food producers interested in the technology of growing meat without using animals. Animal expensive, produces large amounts of greenhouse gases and, in addition, 70 percent of agricultural land used for growing feed for livestock. In addition, a significant number of people refuses a natural for ethical and religious reasons. Over the past few years, scientists were able to grow meat from cell culture, but it is incredibly expensive. More information can be found in the material “Meat from a test tube”.

Tom Ben-Arya (Tom Ben-Arye) from the Israeli Institute of technology and his colleagues figured out how to reduce the cost and simplify the production of artificial meat. One of the main difficulties in its cultivation is that meat has a clear structure, and the cells need something to hold. Often used soluble polymers, as in the experiment with the prosthetic thigh muscles mouse fabric, printed on a 3D printer. But because the scientists wanted to create the meat for implantation, and for food, they decided to make edible the frame.

Their choice fell on the product obtained from waste soybean oil — soy T. S. p. This porous mass of protein with a neutral taste, which is now used in cooking as a substitute for meat.

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