Vibration feedback allowed the glove to control the drone to identify obstacles

Swiss engineers have created an interactive glove to control the drone. It tracks arm movement that allows the drone to repeat them, but the drone tracks around obstacles and approaching them gives the glove a command to vibrate on the relevant side of the hand. Preprint of article to be presented at the conference ICRA 2020, published in

Most drones have the same control scheme: these included a remote control with two sticks, one of which controls the movement of the drone in a horizontal plane, and the second is responsible for the motion along and around the vertical axis. Divide the control into two parts makes it unintuitive and often newcomers initially have problems in managing the quadcopter.

Researchers have proposed as a solution to this problem, a system to control the drone with the tilt of the body in one direction or another. And before that, in 2016, the American engineer, adapted an old glove Nintendo Power Glove to control the drone movements, which are easier than to use to control the whole body. However, both designs only give commands to drones, but don’t give feedback from the drone to the operator.

Massini Matteo (Matteo Macchini) with their colleagues from the Federal Polytechnic school of Lausanne have created a prototype glove that implements two way communication between the drone and its operator. It represents a fabric glove on which is fixed the pad with infrared markers in the wrist area, and vibroactivity. Infrared markers allow you to accurately and quickly (with a frequency of 120 Hz) to track the position and its inclination. The same markers on the drones, and they perform the same role.

On the glove secured six vibroaction. They are placed so that their vibration to show the direction in which the drone is approaching the obstacle: if the obstacle is on the bottom, then vibrate the actuator in the lower part of the palm if the right, then the right side and so on. Thus, the closer the vibration increases. Track the distance to obstacles in Drona meets a set of six laser range finders, directed along the focal axis.

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