Virgin Galactic presented the project of a supersonic passenger plane

The company Virgin Galactic has presented the project of a supersonic passenger plane, can reach speeds of up to three Mach numbers. It is designed to carry from 9 to 19. The company also announced the signing of a Memorandum of intent with Rolls-Royce, which will help in the design and manufacture of engines for aircraft.

Virgin Galactic well-known for its high rise project space flights for tourists. She has developed a bunch of spaceplane VSS Unity (class of SpaceShipTwo) and carrier aircraft White Knight Two. The plane lifts Shuttle passengers to a height of 15 kilometers and resets, after which he accelerates through its rocket engine and climbs close to the border of space. The unit made for several supersonic flight (in one of them he dispersed up to three Mach numbers) and is about to receive FAA license.

Also, the company has plans to develop a supersonic passenger transport. Several years ago she entered into a partnership with the American company Boom Supersonic, which creates a supersonic aircraft Overture for a few dozen passengers at a cruising speed of 2.2 Mach number. And in may, Virgin Galactic announcedthat will create your supersonic aircraft with NASA. Now she’s introduced him to a project that passed the initial review by engineers of the Agency.

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