Virgin Galactic revealed the interior of the rocket plane VSS Unity

The company Virgin Galactic showedhow will look the interior of the rocket plane VSS Unity. In addition, the company first showed footage from the cockpit shot during test flights on the border between space and atmosphere.

Virgin Galactic plans to conduct high-altitude tourist flights passing close to the edge of space, and develops the system of the two flying machines: carrier aircraft White Knight Two and passenger spaceplane VSS Unity. The first aircraft with a suspended spaceplane rises to a height of 15 kilometers, and then VSS Unity is detached, has its own engine and rises. Initially it was assumed that it will rise above the line of the Pocket (conditional border of space at an altitude of 100 kilometers), but in 2018, Virgin Galactic changed the plans and saidit will use the terminology of the U.S. air force, who believe that the cosmos starts from a height of 50 miles (80,47 km).

After the climb, and the engine is turned off passengers for a few minutes be in a state of weightlessness and can move freely through the cabin. July 28, 2020, Virgin Galactic held a presentation and showed (mainly in the form of a rendering) as it will look like the interior of the ship, from which tourists will be able to see the Earth from above.

In flight can take up to six passengers. Each of them has its chair, and two portholes (side and top) and two cameras, a record with which you can get after a flight. Portholes equipped with circular lights, which will vary during the flight depending on its stage.

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