Virtual golosemennye ASIMOV was prone to “drug” addiction

The model is a simple nervous system ASIMOV, based on the data about the structure and behavior volozaninova mollusc Pleurobranchaea californica, was capable of forming a dependency similar to narcotics, reported in Scientific Reports. When the virtual clam several times to provide a choice of incentives of three types, one of which had a much greater value than the rest, he at some point cease to perceive other alternatives. Over time, ASIMOV was getting used to the effects of this “drug”. In addition, he was showing signs of withdrawal syndrome when the stimulus overvalued for some time cleaned.

Experiments on the simple nervous systems of gastropod molluscs, insects and roundworms has shown, what is the minimum set of neurons and the relationships between them is necessary so that the body has decided to approach the stimulus or avoid it. Right senses that can perceive this incentive structure, assess the benefits of meeting with him, and the memory elements to correlate the new information with the stimulus that it already has. Such systems are modeled in silico, for example, in 2018. Then the model Cyberslug, was developed by neuroscientists from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, choseto attack her on a virtual production or not, based on feelings of hunger, as well as gustatory values of the object and the danger that comes from him (the extraction can be poisonous).

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