Volvo limited the speed of new cars 180 km/h

Volvo Cars has officially announced that the new Volvo cars will now be manufactured with a maximum speed limit of 180 miles per hour. The company claimsthat this measure is intended to reduce the severity of a serious accident.

According to data from the who on the road worldwide are killed annually more than a million people in 2018, for example, the figure was 1.35 million. In in 2019 in the accident died of 16.9 thousand people, of which nearly five thousand pedestrians.

The consequences of an accident (severity of injuries and damage to property) depends on many factors, but speed is one of the most important. About the control limitations of the speed limit really helps to make the roads safer, it is known for a long time. Thus drivers often exceed speed limits, using as a criterion of its own experience. At high speed, however, the vehicle behavior may differ significantly from the usual drive, and not all drivers know how to cope with the loss of control even on an empty road.

To reduce the consequences of accidents and car accidents Volvo Cars in 2019 has announcedthat it plans to limit the speed of new cars. Now the company has officially announced the introduction of these restrictions — all the new cars, Volvo will not be able to accelerate more than 180 kilometers per hour and will be completed with the system Care Key that allows the car owner to self-install additional speed limit.

“The main problem is that above certain speeds, the safety technology that comes with the car as well-designed infrastructure solutions no longer able to prevent serious injuries and fatalities in case of road accidents,” — said on the website of the company.

It should be noted that these restrictions do not touch the Volvo — their releases Swedish carmaker Volvo Group. And the release of cars under the brand Volvo deals, Volvo Cars, which since 2010 is not included in the Volvo Group and is now owned by Geely Automobile holding.

In addition to speeding are sometimes used and signs establishing the minimum speed, and they also should pay attention to. So, one of the early prototypes of unmanned vehicle Google once almost was fined for going too slow.

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