Western lowland gorillas share territory without bloody conflict

Groups of Western lowland gorillas (Gorilla Gorilla gorilla), despite the constant movement, have their own territory and avoid contact with outsiders, when they are on their sites, reported in Scientific Reports. Previously it was thought that the monkeys have not shown the location, as a manifestation of aggression to other groups was not seen.

Evolutionary psychologists often compare human behavior with the behavior of the chimpanzee is aggressive enough (if we are talking about the common chimpanzee, Pan troglodytes) monkeys, fiercely defending their territory from the invasion of individuals from other groups. Often this fact is used to justify the nature of human wars. Gorillas, by contrast, are not prone to attacks on strangers of its own kind and if peacefully divided between the forest areas. However, their behavior less often compared with the actions of Homo sapiens.

A primatologia from the UK, Germany, Spain and the United States under the leadership of Peter Walsh (Peter Walsh) and Magdalena Bermejo (Bermejo Magdalena) followed the movements and behaviour of several groups of Western lowland gorillas in a national Park Odzala of Cocoa in the Republic of Congo.

Researchers put 36 responds to the movement of the video cameras on the territory of 60 square kilometers. The cameras were installed at points where, according to reports, the gorilla often, looking for edible roots at any time of the year. Long stay animals in such places allows you to reliably to identify them and to understand to which group they belong to.

The records were from January 2015 to July 2016. The researchers recorded how often the group and the males in them (often the group consists of one male and female) come to a particular point and how much time they spend there. This helped to identify the number of groups (there were 8) and the approximate land area on which they most often (from 11 to 18 square kilometers).

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