Whether tactics heroes?

“The Avengers” does not always show on the screen of their intellectual abilities. In particular, it is well illustrated by the attacks of the base “Hydra” in Zakuii (the movie “the Avengers: age of Ultron”). Hard to pick up the attack of “the Avengers” for some definition, but “fell all the flock”. The first more or less serious resistance (the appearance of Mercury) turned into a wounded Hawkeye. Nice, large loss team of heroes saves only the traditional supporters of the villains inability to hit the target.

But let’s try some time to discard the most realistic explanation is that it was written by the writers, because they decided to make a stupid, but beautiful scene — and try to imagine that everything is happening more or less real.

And here at once becomes clear that behind all the events in the frame of the mess is responsible one very specific character. Steve Rogers, aka Captain America. As we know from another film of the same kynoselen, “the First avenger”, in a military camp Lehigh rookie Rodgers managed to pass is that the course of the young fighter. Dr. Erskine took on the experiences of the ordinary, and it is not known whether trained. After his conversion, Steve has long fought and worked in public relations, until they finally hit the European theater of operations.

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