With “Luna-25” offered to send a passing they were launched

Then lunar probe “Luna-25”, the launch of which is scheduled for October 2021, may go into space in the company of a few satellites, cube-Sats — the ability to launch the associated load according to SpaceNews, citing the company “glavkosmos launch Services” (GK Launch).

The lander “Luna-25” (formerly known as “Luna-glob”) has been developed since the late 1990-ies. He should be the first since 1976, then lunar mission. It is assumed that the probe launched on the carrier rocket “Soyuz-2” with the upper stage “Fregat” from the cosmodrome “East” or 1 October 30, 2021 and will land near the South pole of the moon. Currently installing scientific instruments on the spacecraft. Read more about the scientific goals of the mission, read our article “First in the tundra”.

As reported by the N + 1 source in the rocket and space industry, at the launch of the “Luna-25” associated load may be derived on trajectory. This means that the associated devices are not displayed on the lunar orbit, but may be in near-moon space. According to him, this opportunity may be interested, for example, companies that want to verify any of the technological components and equipment in deep space, beyond low earth orbit.

According to the source, technically it is possible to send along with the “Moon” a few containers, a 6-7 U (1 U — this standard cubesat of size 10×10×10 centimeters, the satellite will consist of several “cubes”).

Earlier, a group ofn engineers and enthusiasts presented the draft lunar reconnaissance Orbiter, is able to consider the tracks “Apollo” and “Rovers” on the moon’s surface. It is expected to launch as a secondary payload.

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