WMO has warned of abnormal weather phenomena in the summer of 2020

In the summer of 2020 on Earth are expected to be abnormally high ocean surface temperature in the tropical latitudes and a deficit of precipitation over South America and the Indian subcontinent. While over Australia, Indonesia and the Eastern part of the Indian ocean will drop an abnormally large amount of precipitation. To such conclusion the expert group who compiled the newsletter for the global seasonal climate for the world meteorological organization.

Four times a year by the world meteorological organization (WMO) publishes a newsletter devoted to seasonal climate (in our country for similar studies meets Roshydromet). WMO projections are based on data obtained from 13 Global producing centres of long-term forecasts, located around the world. April 25 came the next document, which described the weather trends across the planet in may, June and July 2020.

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