Women did not want to date a cat owner

The presence of cats on pictures of men reduces the likelihood that a woman will want to meet with him, it is reported in Animals. No matter what kind of Pets the woman love more — cats or dogs — she believes a person more neurotic, friendly and open, but less masculine and suitable for a date, if in his hands the cat than in the case when the photo he is one. The results, however, it is only fair for young, predominantly white women from the United States they participated in the study.

People often perceive Pets as family members, so how the individual relates to their cats, dogs, parrots and other Pets, you can roughly estimate how it behaves with loved ones. Therefore, the presence of companion animals and interaction with them affects the choice of both long-and short-term partner: it is known that girls are more willing to give your phone number to passers-by if they are a dog on a leash than men without animals (28.3% versus 9.2 percent).

I guess Shelly (Shelly Volsche) from the University of Idaho in Boise and Lori Kogan (Kogan Lori) of Colorado state University tested how the presence of a cat affect the attractiveness of a man to the opposite sex. To do this, they conducted an online survey of women aged 18-24 years, which are randomly divided into groups and 708 680.

In both groups the majority (62,5 or 62.7%) were white, 13.7 to 14.7 percent of blacks, about 10 percent Hispanic, about the same Asians. In addition to age, race and education level, women pointed out which animals they like more: cats (19.1 and 21.5% depending on the group) or dogs (of 47.6 and 44.9 percent, respectively). Some (of 23.7 or 23.8%) are equally liked cats and dogs, and someone (9.6 or 9.9 percent) — none of them.

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