Xiaomi has offered to store the wireless headphones in a smartphone

Xiaomi company has offered to store the wireless headphones is not in a particular case, and in the smartphone: in its case there should be two special grooves. Describe structures of a smartphone and headphones are published on the website of the world intellectual property organization (WIPO), they drew the attention of site Let’s Go Digital.

Fully wireless headphone gained much popularity and almost all major manufacturers have abandoned the 3.5-mm connector for their flagship smartphones. These headphones uncomfortable to wear separately, so they are almost always sold with the case where they can store and recharge a few times. But the case is another item that should be carried in a pocket, and another gadget, which must be periodically recharged.

Engineers of Xiaomi registered in the two WIPO industrial design, in which he described a potentially more convenient scheme for storing the headphones. They offered to release smartphones with special grooves in two places inside which you can insert headphones. Also on the side faces in addition to the buttons power and volume, there is another button. The authors did not disclose its destination, but we can assume that it is needed in order to unlock the mechanism holding the headphones and get them.

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