Yandex added music to the Navigator on your smartphone

Yandex has added to the application Navigator the ability to control music from your streaming service Yandex.Music. The user can control the playback manually, by selecting and switching the tracks with your finger or by voice using the voice assistant, Alice, said in a press release received by the editors of N+1.

During the trip many drivers are using navigation and music, and most of them uses a smartphone. Google and Apple added to their operating system mode connect to the onboard computer to a compatible vehicle and can use it for both tasks voice control or buttons on the steering wheel, not distracted from the road. In addition, Google has this facility available and no connection to the car, in the form of Android app Auto-collecting on one screen-maps, music, messages, and voice control.

Yandex declined from integrating its browser into the system and instead has developed a proprietary head unit for car Yandex.Cars, and now also added to the application Navigator section of Yandex.Music. At the bottom of the menu, there’s a fifth button music. Clicking on it, the user effectively enters into the firmware simplified the application Yandex.Music, which expands to full screen. It has several sections, including a collection of recommendations, any and popular songs, podcasts, and more. If the user wants to listen to a certain track, it needs to be a voice assistant.

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