Yandex has launched a program of testing unmanned vehicles in the United States

Yandex has launched a second test area of unmanned vehicles outside of in the U.S. city of Ann arbor. Thanks to the progressive legislation, the company received permission to test drones without a human behind the wheel, according to a press release received by the editors of N + 1.

Developers are testing unmanned vehicles or their separate technologies in different ways: in the simulation, on landfills and on real roads. The first two phases allow you to work out the basic logic of the drone and algorithms of object recognition, but only the latter gives the opportunity to prepare algorithms for full operation. On real roads the car might collide with difficult situations, violation of rules by drivers and pedestrians, as well as severe weather conditions. The set of these factors differs greatly from country to country and from city to city. Because of this, developers who plan to use their drones everywhere, we have to test them in different cities and climatic zones, and to create separate sets of parameters for the algorithms.

Yandex has presented the project of an unmanned vehicle in 2017 and beginning of 2018 showed testing on the roads of Moscow. Since then, the company expanded the test in our country in Innopolis and SKOLKOVO, and also launched a program of development and testing in Israel. The company also staged a demonstration races of their drones at CES in the U.S. state of Nevada and received permission to test in Michigan to arrange a demonstration at the Detroit auto show, but it was cancelled because of the pandemic of the novel coronavirus. After that, Yandex has taken the decision to expand in Michigan a full testing programme to tailor your drones to the characteristics of traffic of the USA, and on 6 August announced its launch.

The tests are in a relatively small city of Ann arbor. They participate drones on the basis of Toyota Prius and Hyundai Sonata, but the number of cars the company does not disclose. In his statement, Yandex said that the advantage of mi is the ability to test drones without a human driver, while it is possible in some other States, including Arizona, California and Texas.

From the editor

The choice of Ann arbor may be due to the fact that the University of Michigan in conjunction with the U.S. Department of transportation has deployed in the city the world’s largest program of testing of V2X technology that allows cars to communicate with other cars and road infrastructure. Testing of these technologies in Ann arbor carried out including large companies such as Toyota, Ford and Qualcomm.
In addition, when Yandex launched a test program in Israel, representatives of the company stated that they plan to interact with local firms-technology developers for drones. Perhaps there are also plans for the program in Michigan. In Ann arbor is the headquarters of a startup May Mobility, specializing in small unmanned buses.

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