You yourself artificial

The human mind can not accept the disaster as an accident. Whatever happens — drought, forest fire, even the fall of a meteorite — we should find some cause of the incident, something that will help to answer the question: why is this happening now, why it happened to us and what should be done to keep this from happening again?

The epidemic is no exception, rather a rule — are countless conspiracy theories surrounding HIV, archives of folklore are full of stories about infected needles left in the seats of cinemas, about infected cakes.

“Biological Chernobyl”

The current epidemic included literally in every house, too, requires a rational — that is, magical explanation. Many people was required to find clear and, preferably, disposable cause, and it was almost immediately: this “biological Chernobyl” provoked scientists and their irresponsible experiments with viruses.

I must say that once the “biological Chernobyl” really happened, however, he was not similar to the current pandemic of coronavirus. It happened at the beginning of April 1979 in Sverdlovsk (today’s Yekaterinburg), where people suddenly began galloping to die from an unknown disease.

The disease was anthrax, and it became a source plant for the production of biological weapons, where according to one version, forgot to return to the place of the protective filter. Total killed 68 people, with 66 of them, as found by the authors of a study published in the journal Science in 1994, lived exactly in the direction of ejection from the territory of the military camp 19.

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